Flowermaid is a boutique floral design studio offering flower creations for weddings and events as well as everyday needs with a unique sense of style, elegance and individuality. When we work with our clients on events, we pay close attention to listen to the inspiration behind the ideas, we take in their personality, work with lots of pictures to ensure that everybody is on the same page, and then create the vision in the most beautiful way. In order to stay as close as possible to our clients’ wishes, we don’t just focus on one style of arrangements, but can create an array of designs – from simplistic contemporary, to loose vintage-inspired, or lush English garden fleurs.

Equipped with a thorough education in floristry and the experience and background from her father’s flower breeding greenhouses in Germany, Ines Garstecki, the owner of Flowermaid, started the company in 2003. She loves to surround herself with beauty and therefore the decision to make flowers her business was a very natural one. 

The company was originally started as a subscription-based flower delivery service, but then quickly grew into a full-fledge event flower design studio. Ines and her design team have worked on hundreds of events with lots of fun themes ranging from dreamy weddings, to baseball, theater, James Bond, surfer mitzvahs, to eclectic Indian or Moroccan birthdays or grand lux galas.

Industry colleagues describe her style as artful and clean, with an extreme detail-oriented eye, never-ending creativity and a great sense for colors.